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Connors Quarterly Update Webinar - Q2 2023

by Connors Team, on July 31, 2023

On Wednesday, July 26, 2023, Connors hosted our quarterly update webinar with Robert Hahn, CFA, Robert Cagliola, CFA, Brian McCoy, CFA and Debora Covell, CRPC®.

During the webinar, we covered the Connors Covered Call and Small Companies strategies:

  • Portfolio and market review Q2 2023
  • Strategy and positioning
  • Outlook for 2023


Connors Webinars

As an essential part of our commitment to communication and quality service, Connors Investor Services provides investment views, industry news, firm updates, and many other topics in this space.

The link below provides an introduction to Connors and our Flagship Investment Strategies. In addition, our quarterly updates are provided in the table below.

Connors Flagship Investment Strategies

Connors Flagship Investment Strategies

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